Gracefulbow Wellbeing classes

Our Wellbeing is a very personal journey there are many ways in which we can nurture our health and wellbeing.  Classes are developed to guide and support you along the way. Here are some of the unique classes Stephanie has developed with her professional training and personal journey in Wellbeing and movement.  Private one to one classes are also available tailored to you as well as group classes.


To book into an online class just email via the contact page, mentioning the class you are interested in and more details will be sent to you:

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Calm & Reflection

A Meditation & Relaxation class especially designed to ease stress and create a moment of calm for reflection & contemplation. 

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Yoga for Sport

A movement class combining Stephanie's training as a Yoga teacher and Sport massage Therapist.  This class is wonderful for those who practice regular sport but also those who just need a good class for maintaining a balanced/healthy everyday movement and calm mind.

Movement for Wellbeing

A movement class based on yoga stretches to help ease stress and that feeling of fatigue. A class Stephanie has designed that has gained popularity over the last few years to help people who have been challenged by stress, burnout and low mood.  It combines gentle yoga stretches and Stephanie's signature relaxation and uplifting words to create an atmosphere of Wellbeing and serenity.

Time with God, a meditation & reflection

Meditation and reflection with scripture from the Bible.  Session will involve breathing techniques for relaxation, time in prayer, reflection and relaxation. There will be moments in reflection when you can journal, write/draw and take time in your quiet place to read the bible passage and time in private prayer.