About Stephanie


Stephanie Pena

Yoga , SUPYoga, SUP Teacher

Sports Massage Therapist

Wellbeing writer


Psalms & Stretches Instructor

'Breathe in, Breathe out, rest in the moment, really feel your heart's joy as your mind & body rejuvenate  '

Stephanie has taught a variety of movement, wellbeing and relaxation classes in various gyms, spas, schools and yoga studios in Surrey and Berkshire. Alongside teaching at events in London and UK Fitness and Wellbeing Festivals nationwide. Stephanie created Gracefulbow Yoga in 2015 and launched the Gracefulbow Yoga & Wellbeing free channel on You Tube in 2019. Over the past two years Stephanie has created and founded Gracefulbow Wellbeing, offering online and face to face Wellbeing classes for all.    


Stephanie has a variety of experience as a wellbeing writer, yoga teacher, Psalms & Stretches Instructor, SUP (stand up paddleboard) yoga instructor, sports massage therapist and voiceover artist/actress/producer.  With a background in TV, Film and Theatre she is also passionate about the Arts and how they can be used as a platform to enhance your wellbeing journey.  She enjoys singing as part of her church’s music worship team, painting, script writing and loves being in nature.  Part of her own wellbeing journey has seen her taking part in a variety of sports such as marathon running (running The Brighton Marathon for the Samaritans), surfing, rock climbing, horse riding, paddle boarding and long walks in the great outdoors. Her most memorable and life changing walk, Walking the Camino de Santiago and writing about her experience for Woman Alive magazine back in 2014.   


Over the years Stephanie has written articles on health, fitness and wellbeing for various publications including Premier's Woman Alive Magazine.   


Stephanie has also worked within education as a Drama and Theatre Studies teacher alongside supporting the younger generation through pastoral care and leading a bible study/prayer group for youth.   


In response to the Pandemic and fuelled by Stephanie's supportive nature, Stephanie launched an online group to support people of all faiths to keep connected, entitled:  'Walking with God through the seasons'  a bible reflection and prayer group for ages sixteen and above.  


Stephanie continues to have a passion for nurturing people’s wellbeing, confidence and creativity. Stephanie hopes that whatever your background, whatever your beliefs, whatever has brought you to visit this site, that you find nourishment, calm and inner peace within the Gracefulbow Wellbeing classes, tailored to support your wellbeing as you journey forward in life. May peace be with you. 

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